CE Credit Score

A CE (community empower) credit score is a free score that used to be provided by Quizzle.com (they now use VantageScore) through their partnership with CE analytics. It was the first completely free (e.g no trial of a credit monitoring service neccessary) score on the market. It was created by Ed DeShields who is the current president of CE Analytics. Scores are calculated on data found in an individuals Experian credit report and fall between 350 and 850, the higher the score the more “worthy” an individual is of credit (e.g they are more likely to pay their debts back and on time). CE scores are usually on the lower side than other scores, with a score of 720+ being considered “excellent”.

CE Credit Score Range

Minimum Score Maximum Score
350 850

If you’re familiar with other credit scores, such as the FICO score this range should look familiar. It’s important to note that these aren’t the same scores, which will be clear when we look at the break down below.

CE Score Breakdown

A CE score is broken down into the following eight categories:

  • Utilization (30%)
  • Payment history (20%)
  • Cash Flow (15%)
  • Balances (10%)
  • Types of Credit (10%)
  • Available Credit (5%)
  • Length of Credit History (5%)
  • New Credit (5%)

CE score breakdown

Final Thoughts

It’s no longer possible to access your CE credit score and it’s not used by lenders, it used to be offer by Quizzle which was why it was somewhat important. You can still use Quizzle to find out your VantageScore AND get two additional full experian Credit reports on sign up.

2 Responses to CE Credit Score

  1. Ed DeShields says:

    Hey Doc.

    After over 12 years of commercial scoring success, the CE Score (ver4), along with our credit analytics, is accessible through our new site http://iQualifier.com which features a broader set of tools than our V1.5 product (formally used by Quizzle). An all new Simulator gives the consumer use of a real scoring model with their assumptions. Our CE Score is neither higher or lower across a data set than other brands. We should point out that the CE Score consistently produces some of the best correlations to credit risk in the industry.

    The CE Score is now available to consumers through 6,500 sponsoring mortgage lenders. Lenders use CE tools for a deeper analytic dive when evaluating consumers for credit.

    The CE Score is available using the data from all three bureaus.

    Ed DeShields
    President and CEO
    CE Analytics, Inc.

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. We’ve reached out to you via e-mail about the changes made and hopefully we can set up an interview with you to discuss these in the short term.


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