TransRisk Score

The TransRisk score is a three digit number between 300 and 850 that aims to estimate how worthy a consumer is for credit. It’s often called a TransUnion TransRisk score as it’s based on data found in a TransUnion credit report. Unlike the FICO score & VantageScore it’s very rarely used by lenders in their lending decisions.

Consumers can view their TransRisk score for free from the credit monitoring service, Credit Karma. They’ll also be able to view their VantageScore, TransUnion Auto Insurance Risk Score & TransUnion Home Insurance Risk Score on Credit Karma.

TransRisk Score Range

Minimum Score Maximum Score
300 850

Breakdown Of TransRisk Score

Credit Karma or TransUnion have declined to post the exact scoring breakdowns for TransRisk, but as it’s a FAKO score it’s safe to assume that they try to closely follow the FICO score breakdown. One thing a lot of people have commented on is that TransRisk will drop dramatically if your credit utilization is zero percentage.

There also seems to be a big difference between somebodies TransRisk and their FICO score, with differences of 125+ points not uncommon.

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