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Published on October 26th, 2017 | by Chuck


Save up to $19 Off a Tank of Shell Gas Nationwide by Stacking these Deals

The Offer

There are currently a few deals going on which together can can get you a $.80 off per gallon at Shell, up to a maximum of 20 gallons.

  • $.05 for signing up with Fuel Rewards Network
  • $.25 back from a free Groupon (we wrote about this previously)
  • $.25 for linking your FRN account and your Stopandshop account
  • $.25 for linking your FRN account and your Giant Food account
  • $.15 for linking a Mastercard to FRN

Here’s how to go about doing this deal:

  1. Buy the Groupon for free here or you can buy the same thing at Livingsocial 
  2. Wait until it shows up in My Groupons, then click Redeem Online and create a new Fuel Rewards Network account
  3. You’ll now have $.30 in your FRN account: $.25 from the Groupon and $.05 just for signing up
  4. Open a new Stopandshop online account here
  5. After completing your login, the system will pop up with an option to link you FRN to your new Stopandshop account. Do that.
  6. About 3 minutes later, you’ll see your fuel balance (here) go up to $.55 due to the new $.25 you just got from the Stopandshop deal
  7. Now open a new Giant Foods online account here; you’ll need to use a different email address and phone number than used with Stopandshop since Giant and Stopandshop are partners (same address is fine; you can skip the phone number)
  8. Within 3 minutes you should now see your FRN balance up to $.80 (here)
  9. You can also get an additional $.15 by linking your Mastercard to FRN, you can do that here
  10. Now you’ll have $.80 in your FRN account, or $.95 if you linked the Mastercard
  11. Check for a Shell station nearby; I believe all Shell’s are part of FR network, but I might be wrong
  12. Go to Shell by 11/30/17 and fuel up to 20 gallons and get $.80/95 off per gallon; make sure you have available your ALT ID number which is the phone number you input on your FRN account (not the number you put on your Giant/S&S accounts, those are irrelevant for our purposes here); you can find your ALT ID here

Our Verdict

Filling a tank that holds 20 gallons will save you $16 or $19 off the tank of gas. If Shell is more expensive than your regular gas station or if you have a small tank, it’ll be less savings.

A bit of work to get it done, with a nice savings. You should even be able to do one for each member of the family and save on multiple tanks of gas.

You can also earn FRN gas points by shopping at many grocery stores.

Hat tip to Dansdeals

41 Responses to Save up to $19 Off a Tank of Shell Gas Nationwide by Stacking these Deals

  1. Jeff says:

    You can have both S&S and Giant linked to the same account? Didn’t know that.

  2. Mark says:

    Very good. Thanks doc.

  3. Paul says:

    Apparently not all Shell locations participate. You can check here:

  4. Brian says:

    Not sure about anyone else, but I have never gotten more than $.20 credit per gallon at the pump even though my FR account has stated I have had up to $.60 credit per gallon. Wonder if there is some sort of cap or maybe I should try using my FR card at the pump instead of entering ALT ID.

    • Steve F says:

      In my area, you can use FR points or Kroger fuel points at Shell stations. There is a cap if you use Kroger fuel points (sorry I don’t know what that cap is). But there is no cap on the FR points you can use and it is automatic in that you cannot choose how much to use (they do however only reduce the fuel cost to 1.9 cents per gallon – a fill-up costs me 38 cents out of pocket).

      • Brian says:

        Thanks Steve – I do have the same phone number attached to my local grocery (.20 cap) and my FR account. So guessing when I enter my ALT ID it uses grocery discount instead of FR. Do you use ALT ID at pump or your fuel rewards card?

    • Md9nyc says:

      I hit the 2x visa gift card bonus hard last week and paid $0.38 for 20 gallons in NY. Not per gallon, in total. If there was a way to post a picture of the pump, I would. Make sure to type in your FR number and not your SS/Giant number.

  5. arp says:

    thank you for this tip!

  6. bob says:

    better yet: get 5 FRN cards, and make 4 “refer a friend” accounts off the main one. You don’t need a real phone, address or email to generate these accounts – fake the whole thing!

    buy 1gal of gas (maybe less?) on each referral acct, and get an additional $0.25/gal off added to the main account. boom: another $1/gal off the next fillup of 20gal or less.

    then, unregister the FRN cards from those accounts and make new accounts using the same 4 cards. rinse/repeat.

  7. N says:

    FR also has another stacking option of $.05/gallon if you fill up on a Tuesday. It’s called BigTuesday or something similar. This is automatically applied at pump and does not show in App.

    Not sure if this is available for all, but works around Central OH.

  8. vk12 says:

    Does this stack with the IHG/FR as well?

  9. FM says:

    Couldn’t you also link a mastercard to the new FRN account to get an additional 0.15/gallon? “Mastercard is preferred by the Fuel Rewards program. Earn 15¢/gal the first time you link a Mastercard to your Fuel Rewards account. Terms & conditions apply. Offer expires 12/31/17.”

  10. Norman says:

    Another 0.05 from IHG

  11. Norman says:

    Is the 20 gallons maximum just for once or it can be the combination of several fillups?

    • L T says:

      One time only for the discount, so bring your gas can or a different vehicle 😉

      Linking IHG does indeed work to add another instant 5 cents/gal off… 85 cents off without any purchases, not bad, thanks DoC

      The 15 cents off/gal from linking a mastercard requires $100 in spend.

  12. JASON says:

    14 gallons max for my car. And Shell is overpriced, I rather drive to BP or speedway for gas.

  13. D'Brickashaw Ferguson says:

    I used different information for Giant and Stop and Shop but only got one bonus.

  14. SkinnyElvis says:

    Doc, you are the man! Thanks.

  15. Yu says:

    Do I still get the discount if I pay by Shell giftcard?

    • Eric says:

      I was livid at Shell for charging me a higher price, e.g. a “credit” price for using their own gift card and stopped using them since this occurred 6 years a go except once in a pinch this past summer. I contacted corporate and got the following useless message back in 2010:

      “This is in regards to your communication regarding the Shell branded station. We sincerely regret the situation you described concerning cash versus credit prices at the Shell branded station. Please accept our apologies for the frustration and inconvenience you experienced.

      As independent business people, Shell retailers are free to establish their own prices and policies. Shell’s relationship with its retailers extends only to the supply of Shell gasoline to the facilities and the right to display Shell’s trademarks at the facilities to promote the sale of Shell products.

      While legal restrictions prohibit us from dictating pricing, Shell counsels its retailers on the benefits of having the same price for cash and credit. You may be assured your views were conveyed to the retailer.

      We value your patronage and hope to serve you in the future. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address your concerns.”

  16. Carl says:

    Didn’t work here in the Pacific Northwest. Just got the Shell discount of .30 so next time, since I had to use different phone numbers on the supermarket thing-ees, I will try those numbers. Still, saving about 6 bucks was nice on a fill up.

  17. Chelle says:

    Does Giant or StopnShop have to be in your area?

  18. Nancy says:

    Thanks. There is a possibility to save save an additional 31c to 40c per gal if you live in MD/DC/VA area by registering for the Upside app and using the friend referral code mentioned at [removed link, please do not share referral links]. These savings will be additional on top of 80c mentioned in this article.

  19. gasstacker says:

    I think the Stop and Shop and Giant Foods deals are both dead. I’ve been doing one per day for the last week or so, and as of today, November 1, I’m only showing a $.30 discount even after linking to my new Stop and Shop and Giant Food accounts instead of the usual $.80. I assume this is because of the stipulation that the discounts will be valid for the remainder of the month during which you sign up plus an additional month… meaning that, as of today, the Groupon discount on my FR account is valid through 12/31 instead of 11/30. But the other 2 discounts are not displaying. I’ll check my newest Fuel Rewards account tomorrow and update if anything has changed.

    • Brandon says:

      SAME! only 30 cents showing. Ii linked a mastercard for the extra 15 so 45 cents is the most im getting as of todays account i opened

    • Raj says:

      I am also having the same issue. I am not able to get the Stop and Shop and Giant Food discount. Can anyone confirm if they are able to do this deal in last couple of days.

    • Brandon says:

      ok its working again…you have to create totally NEW information on shop and giant then the link to main FR should work. I just tried and they both worked plus MC for 95 cent savings

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