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The Complete Guide to Selling your Unwanted Gift Cards for Cash

[UPDATED on 3/20/2017]

Did you get a gift card to a retailer where you don’t shop? Want to turn it into cash?

Here’s the Complete Guide to Selling Unwanted Gift Cards For Cash.


There are two venues of selling unwanted gift cards:

  • You can sell them to a gift card reseller. There are numerous gift card resellers and it’s hard to keep track of who is offering the best rate. In this article, we’ll review the larger gift card resellers: CardPoolABC Gift Cards/Card CashSaveya, and Gift Card Zen.
  • Sell it yourself on eBay or or Saveya. Certainly you’re all familiar with eBay, and you may know that – along with millions of other things – eBay allows us to sell gift cards on their site. Raise is marketplace exclusively for selling gift cards. Saveya has a marketplace where you can sell gift cards at your own price.

We’ll discuss both options in this article.


Here’s the basic idea of selling a gift card: You received a gift card to a merchant that you won’t be able to use. Let’s say you received a $25 Staples gift card, and you don’t have anything to buy at Staples. Fill out a form on the gift card reseller’s website, indicating that you want to sell them a $25 Staples gift card. They’ll give you a quote of how much they’re willing to pay you for it. You’ll accept the offer and confirm the order. You’ll mail the gift card to the reseller. They’ll send you a check.

The main thing to consider when selling the gift card is how you can get the highest payment for it. Refer to a gift card aggregation site for all the current prices of how much you can get with each reseller. They do a good job of clearly showing the options and the best quote available.

If you’re considering selling it yourself on eBay or Raise, you’ll have to calculate the fees that they’ll charge and see which option is best. We’ll detail what those fees are in this article.

Expiration Date

Only gift cards that don’t have an expiration date can be sold. Cards with an expiration and any other promotional-type cards can only be sold on eBay, not through any of the other venues.

E-gift cards 

The ability to sell gift cards electronically makes it possible to sell e-gift cards, and it makes it more convenient when selling physical gift cards by submitting the gift code electronically. All of the major exchanges accept electronic submission of most gift cards; however, certain cards may require physical submission. Typically, gas gift cards and a few others will need the physical cards sent in. Also, eBay does not allow the sale of e-gift cards.

Build Trust 

If you’re new to selling gift cards to resellers, realize that there’s a trust-building element here. It’s usually better not to start off sending in thousands of dollars to a reseller you’ve never dealt with before, if avoidable. Try increasing volume up over time; first send small amounts and then ramping up, as you get comfortable with them and they get comfortable with you.

Other Pointers

  • Merchandise credits are usually accepted the same as traditional gift cards.
  • Gift cards don’t need to be an even-denomination to be sold. For example, you can sell a gift card or a merchandise credit with a balance of $26.39 on it.
  • The gift card could be partially used. For example, if you got a gift card with $50 on it and you used $11, you can sell the $39 gift card balance that remains.

Comparing Prices

Which gift card exchange will fetch you the best price? What price is each reseller offering?

The best way to find out the various rates is to use a gift card aggregation site. These sites show all available rates at a glance so you don’t have to go to each exchange and see the rate. They’ll often show if you can submit the gift card electronically and expected payouts for sales on Raise or eBay.

Here are a few aggregation sites we are aware of:, and If you do a lot of gift card selling, check them out and see which one you find the best.

Other Considerations

Some other things to consider when deciding to sell your gift card:

  • How will you get paid? All resellers offer check payment. Some may offer Direct Deposit and Paypal options.
  • Which shipping service should you use to send in gift cards?
  • How should you package the gift cards when shipping them?
  • Can I trust the resellers that they’ll pay me for my gift card?
  • What advantages are there for bulk sellers?

We’ll discuss all these things and more in this article, and we’ll discuss bulk sellers here as well.

Can I Trust Them?

Should you have faith that the gift card resellers will pay you? Maybe they’ll take the gift card and run?

I’ve dealt with most of the above gift card exchanges, and they do seem trustworthy overall. There is, however, an element of risk that the company may go under or that they’ll lose your card in processing. In general, it’s relatively secure when dealing with established resellers. We only list the bigger exchanges in this post.

We’ll discuss how to sell gift cards safely on eBay so that you won’t be scammed by an unscrupulous buyer.

Resellers: Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at these gift card resellers one-by-one and see the advantages and disadvantages of each reseller. Of course, the most significant consideration is the reseller that’s offering the highest payout on the gift card that you’re looking to sell. But we’re going to take a look at other factors, and see what each reseller has to offer.

Important Note: We tried to give a complete picture of what each reseller has to offer. Most of the advantages and disadvantages mentioned below are things that will only matter to some people, some of the time. Read through the details of each one to see if it’s an advantage for you or a disadvantage for you.


CardPool is located in California, and that’s where you’ll be sending the gift cards. Payment is by check only.

Things you may like…

  • Cardpool provides a free shipping label to send in the cards. Just print it out and tape it on the envelope.
  • Stable and reliable company.
  • Cardpool accepts electronic submissions of many gift cards.
  • Besides the standard payout options, Cardpool offers an option of getting paid in the form of an Amazon gift card. The payout is 6% higher when taking the Amazon gift card in place of cash.

Things you may not like…

  • While they do accept electronic submissions of many gift cards, they reduce the payout amount by 5% for gift cards submitted electronically. For example, if you sell them $100 Target gift card, they may offer you $90 for physical submission of the card, and $85 for an electronic submission.
  • Cardpool only accepts gift cards with a minimum value of $25.
  • While they have a vast number of retailer cards they deal with, there are some retailer gift cards that they won’t buy.
  • Cardpool will often call you after they receive the gift cards to verify where you got the cards, why you decided to sell them, etc. Presumably, the calls are more likely on higher-dollar sales. (The call is no big deal, just a few minutes of time.)

Thoughts: Cardpool is a reliable company as it’s part of the Blackhawk Network, a publicly traded company. A downside of Cardpool is that they only offer payment by check and some of the others may provide electronic payments. If you’re okay with a check, Cardpool is an excellent choice to consider. They also provide a free shipping label, which saves you the cost of a stamp; no other reseller offers that.

Card Cash/ABC Gift Cards

We’re lumping CardCash and ABC Gift Cards together since they’re one company. They’re located in New Jersey, and that’s where you’ll be mailing the gift cards.

Things you may like…

  • CardCash offers excellent payout options. You can choose to be paid by check, direct deposit, or Paypal. You’ll get the full payout amount even when getting paid via Paypal – they cover the Paypal fees.
  • CardCash accepts gift cards of any denomination, no minimum.
  • CardCash allows a large variety of retailer’s gift cards that they’ll buy from you.
  • CardCash accepts electronic submissions of many gift cards with no reduction in payout.

Things you may not like…

  • Require a credit card on file for e-gift card sales.

Thoughts: Cardcash/ABC arguably has the most wide-ranging palatability for non-bulk sellers: they don’t have the limits of Saveya and Giftcardzen, they accept the widest variety of cards cards, they payout electronically and allow electronic submission, and they usually offer competitive rates.

Bear in mind that Cardcash and ABC don’t always offer the same rate (ABC is often the one that’s higher) so check out both before submitting an order.

Saveya is a branch of which sells new and used gift cards. The Saveya branch deals exclusively with buying and selling second-hand gift cards.

[ Branches Off to]

Things you may like…

  • They offer check or Paypal payment. You’ll need to cover the Paypal fees.
  • Saveya accepts electronic submission of most gift cards with no reduction in payout. They’re the only one’s that offer this.
  • They often have the highest payout rates.
  • Saveya offers an additional 2% cashback on the sale gift cards by going through the Topcashback or Simplybestcoupons shopping portals.

Things you may not like…

  • You are limited to selling no more than $500 per week to Saveya.
  • Saveya only accepts gift cards with a minimum value of $20.
  • Must enter a credit card number at time-of-sale for electronically submitted gift codes.

Thoughts: Saveya is a solid option with the advantage of electronic submission and often good payout rates. There is the $300-per-week velocity limit, though.

Gift Card Zen

Gift Card Zen is located in Arizona, and that’s where you’ll be sending the gift cards. Payment is by check or Paypal.

Things you may like…

  • Giftcardzen allows us to submit many gift cards electronically, without the need to mail them in.
  • Giftcardzen offers a Paypal payment option with no additional fees.

Things you may not like…

  • Minimum $15 value on the card to be able to sell it.
  • They require a credit card on file for all gift card sales.
  • Slow payment; payment is sent after 10 business days.
  • Giftcardzen doesn’t accept too many gift card brands.
  • Seems to be a $2,000 limit per week.

Thoughts: Gift Card Zen is known to have excellent customer service and to be very user-friendly. They keep you updated via email when they receive the cards, when they send out the check, etc. It’s great that they don’t deduct payout for electronically submitted cards. Giftcardzen is now owned by the Retailmenot corporation which gives an added comfort level is selling there.

Raise is a marketplace to sell gift cards. Unlike all the gift card resellers mentioned above, you’re not selling the gift card to Raise – you’re selling the gift card on Raise. The sale does not take place until a buyer comes along and buys the gift card.

Raise deals primarily in electronically submitted gift cards. You enter the gift code, and you set a price. For example, if you have $100 Target gift card, you may set a price of $95. After confirming the listing, it goes live, and it remains up for sale until someone comes and buys it. You can change the price at any time. You can also remove the gift card at any time if you decide you don’t want to sell it.

Raise charges 12% of the selling price. For example, if you sell $100 gift card for $90, they’ll take $10.80 (90 x .12) and you’ll receive a payout of $79.80. (Physical gift card sales cost the same but have an added surcharge of $1 or 1%, whichever is greater.)

Things you may like…

  • Gift cards are typically submitted electronically.
  • Great user experience. Clear and straightforward system.
  • Payment can be by check or Paypal or direct deposit.
  • You have the ability to set the price.

Things you may not like…

  • Since Raise charges a 12% fee, it’s sometimes not the best option for your bottom line – particularly with gift cards from top-dollar retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom – since you may be able to get a higher payout by selling the gift card to a reseller.
  • It’s not sold until a buyer comes along and buys it, versus selling to one of the exchanges mentioned where the sale takes place immediately.
  • Electronically submitted gift cards need a minimum value of $5. Gift cards sent in physically need a $10 minimum.

Thoughts: The Raise system is great and very user-friendly. It’s very convenient to be able to submit the gift codes electronically, and they offer direct deposit payment, making the whole process electronic. Since selling on Raise has a different structure than selling to a gift card reseller, it’s harder to calculate when it’s more profitable to sell on Raise or when it’s more profitable to sell to a reseller.

Raise can be particularly worthwhile for electronic gift cards since they don’t deduct payout for electronic submission the way some resellers do. Still, selling to a reseller is simpler than selling on Raise since you don’t need to worry about whether or not the card will sell; once you confirm the sale, the deal is done.


Along with millions of other items, eBay allows people to sell gift cards. Like all other items on eBay, you can sell a gift card for a fixed price – “Buy It Now” – or you can put it up for auction. When you put an item up for auction on eBay, you can set a minimum price that the auction starts at, so you don’t risk ending up with pennies.

The cost of selling on eBay is around 13% total: eBay generally charges 10%, and Paypal usually charges 2.9% plus 30¢. There’s also the shipping fees that can be around $3 – see Shipping Tips below.

Important: While eBay doesn’t require sellers to ship items with tracking info – technically, you could just send it in the mail with a regular 49¢ stamp – you should never ship a gift card sold on eBay without tracking. According to eBay rules, they’ll only stand behind the seller if they have tracking information to prove that it was shipped.

I had an experience where I sold a gift card on eBay, and the buyer disputed the charge. At first, Paypal pulled the money out of my account, but after verifying the tracking information, they eventually credited the money back to my Paypal account. My impression was that they never actually got the money on the sale, but they took the loss since I followed the rules of shipping with tracking.

There is risk selling gift cards on eBay, however, even if you follow the rules. If the buyer does a chargeback, eBay might not stand behind you, and you’ll end up suffering a loss. See Paypal Buyer & Seller Protection on Gift Cards for more info.

eBay has some special rules for gift card listings:

  • You can’t have more than one gift card listing up for sale at any given time.
  • Only physical gift cards can be sold.
  • The gift card must be in your hand at the time you list it for sale.
  • Gift cards with a value of more than $500 can not be sold.
  • You can’t sell prepaid cards from Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover.

Things you may like…

  • Any physical card or code can be sold, including those that have an expiration date, and including other types of promotional discount cards.
  • No restriction on which gift cards you can sell; all other sites have specific cards they deal with and some that they won’t buy. (The only exception is Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift cards which can not be sold on eBay.)
  • Payment via Paypal.
  • You have the ability to set the price.

Things you may not like…

  • As we mentioned, eBay has a few restrictions – one gift card at a time, no e-gift cards, and nothing higher than $500.
  • After accounting for the fees and shipping costs, eBay may not be the best option for your bottom line, since you may be able to get higher payment by selling the gift card to a reseller.
  • You have to ship the physical gift card to the buyer.
  • It’s not sold until a buyer comes along and buys it, versus selling to a reseller where the sale takes place immediately.

My Thoughts: I honestly don’t see why anyone would bother selling a gift card on eBay, unless it’s a gift card that no resellers are buying. Under most scenarios, you won’t end up making more on the sale after accounting for the eBay/Paypal fees and the shipping costs. Even if you think you’ll make slightly more, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for someone who isn’t experienced with selling on eBay. I’ve sold a bunch of gift cards on eBay, but I haven’t done any eBay sales recently.

Occasionally, there may be a seller promotion offering no fees, or a similar type of seller offer, and selling on eBay could be a good idea.


In addition to the option of selling to Saveya directly, they also offer a Marketplace option where you can sell gift cards at your own price, similar to the Raise marketplace mentioned above. When using this option, the sale does not take place until a buyer comes along and buys the gift card.

Not all gift cards can be sold on the Saveya Marketplace – some are can only be sold to Saveya directly.  Gift cards that are eligible for electronic submission can be sold with the Marketplace option, while gift cards (like gas and some others) that need physical submission can’t be sold on the Marketplace.

Saveya charges 14% of the selling price on most cards. For example, if you sell $125 gift card for $100, they’ll take 14%, and you’ll receive $86. Some top selling cards have a lower commission fee.

See the post Saveya Adds Marketplace Selling Option for more details and comparison between Saveya and Raise.


Let’s recap the important details:

Electronic Submission: Saveya, Giftcardzen, and Raise accept electronic submission for most cards. Cardpool and CardCash accept electronic submission, but they deduct 5% from the payout amount. eBay does not allow the sale of e-gift cards.

Shipping Fees: Cardpool is the only one that offers a shipping label for savings of 49¢. (Raise also provides a shipping label on physical gift card sales, but they do charge an extra dollar on top of the regular commission.)

Electronic Payment: CardCash and Raise offer a direct deposit option. CardCash is the only one who offers a free Paypal payment option. Saveya and Raise also offer Paypal payments, but you cover the fees. Cardpool and Giftcardzen pay via check only.

Shopping Portal: Raise pays $1.50 per gift card, by going through the TopCashBack shopping portal. Saveya offers 2% back on all sales via the Topcashback and Simplybestcoupons portals. Cardpool offers 4% cashback on your first $1,000 in sales and purchases combined via the Giving Assistant shopping portal. [Note that this may not track well in the portal.]

Minimum Value: CardCash accepts any gift card with no minimum value. On eBay, you can sell a gift card with no minimum value. Gift Card Zen and Raise require a minimum of $1. Saveya requires a minimum of $20. Cardpool requires a minimum of $25.

Maximum Value: Most resellers don’t have a maximum value. On eBay, you can’t sell a gift card with a value of more than $500. Saveya accept a maximum card value of $300. Giftcardzen accepts a maximum gift card value of $600.

Sales Volume Limit: Saveya limits us to $300 per week and Giftcardzen limits us to $600 per week. The other exchanges don’t have volume limits. eBay has a rule that just one gift card can be listed at a time.

Best Payout: This varies by the card; see a gift card aggregation site for all the options. Saveya often has a slightly higher rate than the others.

Best Acceptance: Gift Card Zen and CardCash have the widest variety of gift cards that they’ll accept.

Trading Gift Cards

Often, people are interested in trading an unwanted gift card for another, more desired brand. For example, if you’re a big Amazon shopper, you may want to swap the Starbucks gift card you got as a present for an Amazon gift card. There are numerous options for doing so.

Please read the post List of Options to Exchange an Unwanted Gift Card for Another for all the options; here are some of them, in brief.

  • Cardpool offers the ability to get paid with an Amazon gift card instead of cash using their traditional selling system. Just select the Amazon gift card payment and receive a 6% bonus.
  • Cardcash allows swapping many gift cards for an eBay e-gift card, an Amazon e-gift card, a e-gift card, a CVS e-gift card, or a Dell e-gift card.
  • Gamestop has a partnership with Cardpool to allow swapping unwanted gift cards for a Gamestop gift card.
  • In Target stores, they offer a gift card exchange service at a dedicated kiosk.

Shipping Tips

  • If you’re selling a low-value gift card, you may choose to put the gift card in a regular envelope and ship it with an ordinary postage stamp. We recommend taping the gift card to an index card or a piece of paper and writing your name and address on it. There is a small risk that when there are objects in an envelope, it can break open; the name/address will help the USPS locate you.
  • If you’re selling a bunch of gift cards or a gift card with a high value, it makes sense to ship it as a package with tracking. The most cost-efficient way to do this is to ship USPS First Class Package. For packages 3 ounces or less, the cost is $2.45. Print out the postage with your Paypal account at When buying postage online, you get free tracking which helps mitigate the nervousness of not knowing where your package is and if it got delivered.
  • Shipping the gift cards in a bubble envelope is the best option. It’s secure and doesn’t weigh much.
  • As a rule of thumb, you can assume 3 gift cards per ounce, including a little extra for packaging weight. Of course, if you use heavy packaging this won’t be the case, but if you use a bubble wrap or a similar light packaging, you can assume 3 gift cards per ounce. Since 3 ounces or less costs $1.89 when sending USPS First Class Package, you can safely assume that 9 gift cards will ship fine with the cheapest $1.89 postage. If you’re sending 19 cards, figure 6.3 ounces (19 x .33) – round it up and pay for 7 ounces (around $3). Some gift cards are heavier than others, but if you don’t have a scale you can use this is a rule-of-thumb. I’ve used it tens of times and I never had a problem.
  • With a regular 49¢ postage stamp, you’re allowed up to 1 ounce. Three gift cards should probably be okay with a single postage stamp.
  • Cardpool’s postage label works for 2 ounces of postage, and six gift cards should ship okay. Package them well in case it breaks open during shipment, as mentioned.
  • You can pay a couple of extra dollars for signature confirmation if you are sending a high-dollar shipment and you want some extra piece of mind.
  • We recommend taking a picture or photocopy of all the gift cards. If something goes wrong in the shipment, you’ll still have the gift codes. Additionally, you’ll have proof that the gift cards are yours, and you’ll be able to contact the retailer to ask for a replacement.
  • I don’t think it’s worthwhile to pay for insurance; you should be okay with the photocopy/picture. Additionally, insurance won’t cover things like gift cards so you won’t be gaining from it. If the shipment gets lost in the mail, in most cases you’ll be able to get a replacement gift card from the retailer. Be sure to keep any receipt or documentation you may have until you get payment from the reseller. If something gets lost in the mail, a receipt will help you get a replacement gift card easier.
  • If you’re sending a bunch of gift cards, rubber-band them together and stick a paper inside with a printout of the order email or with your name, address and order number.

Bulk Seller

All gift card resellers have special programs for bulk sellers. All will pay with direct deposit for bulk sellers. And they’ll give more personal attention to bulk sellers. Bulk seller can also try to negotiate better rates.

Here are a few additional details:

Cardpool: Electronically submitted gift cards will get higher payouts for bulk sellers than for non-bulk sellers. They also give you an advance warning before lowering rates.

Gift Card Zen: They have a robust system for uploading gift cards, which is useful if you’re doing real volume. They give bulk sellers advance warning before lowering rates. You need to do real volume to become a bulk seller on Giftcardzen, and it won’t apply to most of us; see this post for more info.

Saveya: Bulk sellers don’t have the limits that non-bulk sellers have regarding the quantity they can sell. Shipping label provided for bulk sellers. If you do real high volumes of bulk selling, they offer better rates.

Raise: Offers much better rates for bulk sellers. Standard commission rates vary from 8% on top sellers to a 13% max. They have a robust system for uploading gift cards, which is useful if you’re doing real volume. They give each bulk seller a personal account manager to help them along. There are  a few (very few) gift cards which can only be sold by bulk sellers. Minimum of around $2500 per month in sales to be a bulk seller.

192 Responses to The Complete Guide to Selling your Unwanted Gift Cards for Cash

  1. Kenneth Bloomer says:

    What about the new Walmart Card Cash? You can exchange cards from 200 merchants (including Amazon) at a better rate than many of the sites you’ve listed here for a Walmart eGift card. Not clear if you can then load the Walmart eGift card to your Bluebird and then liquidate.

  2. Wow, awesome post! Don’t mind the referral links in the end a bit, you deserve every single one. Yeah, would be nice to add the brand new WalMart option to this

  3. Skor says:

    Thanks for this detailed article! another reason why your blog ranks among the top 5 out there..

  4. is rebranding as in the coming weeks.

    Personally, I like GCZ and CP the most for all of the same reasons as stated above.

    @Chuck here’s a quick way to save money on postage to CardPool and to get tracking as well:

    Create multiple single transactions for the $.69 postage so that you can cover the $5.95 flat rate, then you get tracking and priority shipping.

    • Really? That’s such a bad rebranding, why on earth would they do that?? Is there any other change, or just the name change?

      • I’m not sure why they’re rebranding, I only remember the name change in the voicemail regarding it and better tools for bulk sellers. It really surprised they gave me a call because I never sold anything with them and they got me in as a bulk seller

        • JB says:

          Better tools for bulksellers? That’d be awesome as it sucks big time that even when logged in you always have to fill out the complete address and CC info…

          • Sorry JB for the late reply – that’s correct, most bulk sellers program have better tools. Cardpool is at best OK. It’s by far the worst one I’ve used.

            The other 2 places I’ve sold on, Giftcard Zen & Raise are leaps and bounds better

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      I saw your post once. It’s a great idea, but it makes me less nervous to just use a regular postage label for a few dollars.

  5. Raj says:

    This is a terrific post. You should have used your referral links in the post itself, there was a lot of work on this.

  6. jim says:

    I have about 15 or 17 $300 Target gift cards bought for $270 each during Black Friday few weeks ago and now I need to sell them.

    Card pool is best but I get less than $270 for each of the $300 GCs I have?

    Please give me best option!

    Also, I don’t have large envelopes to pring out the label online. Last time I tried, the postage was too big for my regular mailing envelope.

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Look on giftcardgranny for all the rates. Looks like Cardpool doesn’t offer the highest rates on Target currently. Maybe try GiftCardZen or ABC Gift Cards. But I’d contact them first before sending in thousands of dollars worth of gift cards, to make sure it’s okay.

      Try getting an envelope that’s not so small, and it should fit.

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  8. Boros says:

    Just a warning on the site. They are not as good as they used to be. I sold $2000 Marriott gift cards to them. I added in the signature confirmation feature so that I know when they received the gift cards. It has been a week since they received my gift cards and didn’t contact me anything on that. On their website, no phone numbers, only email address, and they intend to do that since they don’t want you to contact them. I wrote several emails to them asking the status of my check, no reply. I have to finally go BBB to file a complaint against them. Finally they said they would mail the gift cards back to me. NO REASON given why they hold my gift cards for so long!!! And finally I sold these GC to Smooth transaction without any issue.

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I’ve been experiencing terrible wait times with a couple resellers recently. I’d guess it’s due to the holiday season, they’re inundated with gift cards. I’m trying to be patient. But I do hate when resellers don’t even respond to emails. I always like knowing that there’s someone to talk to at the very least.

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  10. Joe says:

    I made a purchase of $350 from on 12/31/14. The same day they sent me an e-mail saying they are unable to verify my information. The e-mail said we require a 2nd e-mail address, so I did, not to mention how bizzare of a request that is.

    I ended up filing a BBB and an FTC complaint and even used Paypals system to contact them, and their own website contact method. nada. So much for getting my gift cards in 1-2 hours.

    their rating on is 1.02 out of 10 after 112 reviews. I can’t fathom how these guys are even in business.

  11. KP says:

    What is the difference b/w regular seller and a bulk seller? Do we have to supply SSN/Business ID to become a bulk seller? I am curious, do they send 1099 to a bulk seller? I don’t want to take a headache of dealing with taxes, but if not, I believe, selling in bulk with some positive difference in percentage could be added bonus to MS.

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Each reseller has different requirements to become a bulk seller. Some may require a SSN.

      The 1099 question is interesting, I’d never thought of that. I’m not aware of them sending 1099s to bulk sellers, but you can definitely ask them what their policy is. Nothing wrong with the question.

  12. Eric B says:

    Can vouchers from Raise be resold like normal gift cards?? Thanks

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      I’m unsure what you are referring to. Are you talking about gift cards bought from raise? Or about Raise referral credits?

      • Eric B says:

        I noticed that Raise has three options for gift cards, eGift, physical, and voucher. According to their site, you can print out these voucher ones at home. Can those printer voucher be resold?? Thanks

        • Chuck Sithe says:

          Did you see anywhere that there’s only a voucher option and not an e-gc option?

          I’m 99% sure that the voucher is the same code/gc-number as the e-gc, just they add a barcode or something for in-store use.

          If that’s correct, then it will be like any e-gc which isn’t as easy as selling as a physical gc, but which has some options for selling, as we discuss in the guide.

          • Eric B says:

            I don’t remember which gift card it was at the moment, but I remember seeing only the voucher option which is what made me ask my original question.

          • Chuck Sithe says:

            Interesting. If there’s a voucher that isn’t an e-gc, then I’m not sure exactly what that is. Maybe some vouchers don’t come with a number code, just with a barcode.

            If that’s the case, it may not be possible to sell.

  13. Raj says:

    Just starting to look into this as an option, but I have a question for clarification: do all of the sites you mention accept egift cards if I mail them in? I couldn’t tell if electronic submission meant for all cards (physical and egift) or if that’s what indicates whether they accept egift cards. Thanks!

  14. Parkerthon says:

    I made the mistake of TopCashBack/Cardpool combo to cash in almost 1k in gift cards across three separate transactions in December. Transactions tracked correctly but were inexplicably denied. What made it truly a rip off was that they offer no ability to lodge a claim through TopCashBack. My advice is to avoid them if at all possible and don’t count on them honoring legitimate cashback claims.

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Yeah, I’ve bumped into the inability to file a claim for cashback that’s missing for a cardpool transaction. It’s hard to count on the portal without the ability to file a claim.

  15. Greg says:

    When selling to ABCgiftcards/Cardcash, just note that it may take a while to get your payment depending on what type of card you submitted. Your card is listed on the site for sale and you will get paid only when someone buys your card. Otherwise, your status will always be under ‘review’.

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      It’s possible, but how do you know they wait until it’s purchased? Maybe they’re just slow sometimes?
      I’ve gotten paid very quickly sometimes, but during busy season many resellers take a while.

  16. anthonyjh21 says:

    Notice you created a post in february and detailed the monthly/3 month limit for saveya is $500/$1,500. Is this accurate?

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Yeah, I’ve gone back and forth on this one. The site itself was saying 2 different things at one point. I wrote about my conversation with CSR in a different post.

      I’m not entirely sure what the true limit is currently. From memory, when I updated this post, I just played it safe and used the numbers showing clearly on their site.

      • Glenn says:

        I’ve fallen off SaveYa’s bulk status recently, but still seem to be able to sell them more than the “remaining” amount even in a single transaction of electronic gift code sales. Not sure it is enforced at all honestly.

  17. aresay says:

    Despite what it says on the website, Saveya’s limit seems to be $300 per week, not per month. At least those have been the limits on my account…

  18. wwllmm says:

    Exact same problem as Parkerthon… I used your referral links to sign up for both TCB and Cardpool, thinking the 4% cash back from TCB was a no-brainer (well under $1000 limit). I went through TCB to sell the GCs and everything appeared to track fine and the cashback went into pending for about a month. Cardpool even sent me a check for the GC’s. Then, without explanation, the pending disappeared and the payable, etc went to $0.00. I’ve been in contact with both companies with Cardpool saying they have reached out to TCB and haven’t heard anything back and TCB of course saying they are “unable to accept Missing Cashback Claims for Cardpool” (how convenient!)
    I’ve seen quite a few people with the exact same experience with this program. I’ve never had any other problems with TCB subsequently not tracking or paying out. What gives with this TCB-Cardpool relationship? Is it all just a big scam?? Thanks, love your site!

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Hard to know. I once had a problem with tracking as well, but of course TCB can’t submit claims. Cardpool ended up giving me a $20 Cardpool gift card as a goodwill gesture. I doubt it’s a scam, probably just some tracking issues. Who knows?

      I guess the bottom line is just to view the cashback as a bonus if it comes.

      Thanks for using the referral links.

  19. Paul says:

    Only ones I haven’t had some sort of problem with (after two + years reselling) is Cardpool and GCZ. All the others are scumbags when things go wrong (as they invariably do with minimum wage drones they hire). ABC was disgraceful – refused to pay me for nearly 3 months on cards they admitted they had. Had to file BBB and AG complaints before any response. Telephone holds were up to 5 HOURS.

    Saveya/ inexplicably closed my account – haven’t had any issues on my side (just boneheaded screwups on theirs).

    I’ve decided it’s not worth the hassle any more. Only very sweet deals will get me to do gc churning again.

  20. Hank says:

    Can I printout an Egiftcard and mail it to SaveYa when it ask for a plastic card to be send it?

  21. mike says:

    How long does it take SaveYa to process my cards and send a check..?

  22. Gunnie says:

    I bought some Macy’s GCs from Raise that I later sold to Saveya about a month ago. It turns out that Macy’s put a hold on one of those gift cards and Saveya charged me the amount of the gift card plus a processing fee, around $26. I contacted Macy’s about this particular gift card and the rep. says that Raise is not allowed to sell Macy’s physical gift cards as a gift card code and because of this, the funds on this gift card in question were put on hold. I guess be careful when buying Macy’s egift cards from Raise.

    • Gunnie says:

      A side note that I forgot to mention, the Macy’s rep knew that this particular gift card came from Raise because he asked me directly before I mentioned anything Raise related.

  23. Jake says:

    Before you ship the gift card should you scrach the pin before you send the card so you can take a picture in case it gets lost in the mail ? do you need the pin when doing a claim with the retailer?

  24. ean says:


    • Gunnie says:

      I had issues with Saveya around when they started out with some She’ll CGs but they eventually corrected the problem. The last issue that I had with them was more of Macy’s fault then the fault of Saveya.

    • Parkerthon says:

      I sold $300 worth of ChevronTexaco cards to them and the process was painless but they were definitely slow getting the check out. Took every bit of 10 BUSINESS days to receive the check by mail after they notified me it was approved.

  25. Gunnie says:

    Saveya for check payments can be slow at times.

  26. stvr says:

    Tried to sell gift card to and they said minimum gift card amount is $20. You should update this!

  27. Octavio says:

    Just wanted to post that sent me a check that bounced!!! Not sure if that has happened to anyone else, but they sent me a regular Chase check – very similar to the personal ones. My name, amounts, signature and transaction # were all hand-written. My bank will probably let me know tomorrow the actual reason why it was returned unpaid. It’s one thing to be slow sending the checks, but to send a bad check, it’s beyond me.

  28. Hank says:

    Hmmm… Just have a conversation with Oren earlier today. bounced 2 checks out of 3 early this month. totaling about $1500. Reissued check cleared. Excuse was switching banks but was reissued same hand written Chase check. I’m hesitant to deal with them again.

    • Parkerthon says:

      Yes same thing happened to me. I told Will about it when it happened. They contacted me back and reissued a check which included my return item fee. Same reason… Switched account issues which sounded fishy. This particular check bounced 6 days after a June 30 deposit which was pretty quick after I received it by mail so presumably these were all written late june for their story to hold water. When did everyone else receive these checks that bounced? Data points would tell us if it was all same bad batch. I wonder if they’re having liquidity issues and this is a delaying tactic. Can’t imagine chase would not get after them for doing that a ton so no idea how they could be intentionally bouncing checks.

      • Octavio says:

        My check was issued on 7/13/15 and I received it on 7/20/15. @Hank and @Parkerthon – did you guys submit tickets to get the check reissued and how long did they take to respond/issue the replacement checks?

        • Parkerthon says:

          I opened a ticket and emailed. 24 normal business hour reply indicating the same story and to let them know the fee. Replied with total and heard nothing. Followed up 48 hrs with a request for status and the replied with confirmation payment was sent plus check number. New Check has been deposited about 8 calendar days no bounce… Yet

          • Octavio says:

            Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll follow up with them to see if I can get a new check sent out. Glad to see your new check has not bounced again. If they issue me another hand-written Chase check, I am just going to go directly to a Chase branch to cash it to ensure they have sufficient funds (probably what I should have done in the beginning)

  29. Parkerthon says:

    Watch out for GiftCardRescue. Just got contacted by them that they rejected my sale after review by their finance and loss prevention department. The cards were all purchased via ebay(phillips 66 and fridays) and they are newly issued cards. What could issue possibly be? They then instructed I had 30 days to send them a self addressed paid envelope for them to return the cards or the cards are forfeited. How convenient… Make me pay for shipping 3 times over or they keep them. I am incensed. Pressing them for an explanation but getting zero reply. In mean time watch out for these guys. Between this ordeal and junkcard I’m rapidly beginning to question the hassle and especially risk of gc churning.

    • Octavio says:

      I hear you; it seems that some re-sellers are just not ready for the massive influx of gift cards they get as a result of eBay deals, which causes delayed payments, rejected sales and now…bouncing checks. I might cut down a bit on these deals as the risk does seem to be increasing and re-sellers that were once “good” are turning “bad.”

      • Parkerthon says:

        Yeah… the issue I have is at a bare minimum they shouldn’t put this burden on the sellers after the fact. I’d expect them to limit sales up front or at a bare minimum incur the cost of returning the cards insured. I’ve dealt with that before and feel that’s way less shady. I respect their right to deny sales for legitimate reasons upon further review(eg fraudulence) but they got nothing here. I plan to investigate further and push for an explanation in this case. I hope they reply. So far nothing 48 hours hours and multiple emails and ticket updates later. It’s 8 bucks and couple hours of my time in grand scheme of things but it makes me wonder if they are attempting to find fabricated cause to seize cards. That’s ftc complaint worthy.

    • Peter says:

      I’m with you. I sent 6 Mobil GCs that I got on eBay to GiftCardRescue on 1/11, and it took a few phone calls and emails to finally get payment on 3/1. Would never deal with them again.

  30. Trevor says:

    For, if you have to mail a physical gift card, they do provide pre-paid postage, BUT they also deduct $1 from the sale. Overall it’s a net loss with them if you have to ship a physical card.

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  32. Chuck Sithe says:

    I removed Junkcard and Monster Gift Card from this Guide in the effort to keep only the bigger resellers here.

  33. Octavio says:

    Question: Has anybody ever gotten a “Awaiting Verification” status on ABC/Cardcash? This would be about my 4th time selling to them and all the other times I’ve seen the order in a “Pending” status until they receive the cards and then go into a “Review,” etc. This time (BP), it went to “Awaiting Verification” and it has “$0.00” as the payment amount. I have not sent them the gift cards yet as I have no idea what that status is and don’t want to have them “deny” or cancel the order afterwards. Just wondering of the meaning of that status is.

    • Alex says:

      I might be wrong about this as it has happened some time ago, but I remember that after selling with them 2-3 times at some point they wanted to “verify” things. They wanted to talk to me and find out how I acquired the cards, they wanted proof of my address (as in faxed copy of driver’s license), they wanted bank account information (copy of bank statement) etc. Basically they are trying to protect themselves against fraud, but I was not comfortable with sharing all that with them. At the time I had already sent them the cards and I called them to explain they are not getting all the information they want and that I want my cards returned. They did exactly that.

  34. Diamond Vargas says:

    Just got off the phone with a lovely bulk account manager at SaveYa. She was asking some questions about things I did or didn’t like about using the site, and I mentioned that I’d love to see preferred sales rates for bulk sellers. She got excited and said that they just announced internally, this morning, a new preferred rate program that will be rolled out within a month. She acknowledged that many sellers had been asking about this, which is not surprising. Something to keep an eye out for.

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  36. Gunnie says:

    I tried to sell four gift card codes purchased from Raise to Gift Card Zen, and my sale was cancelled for the following reason. I guess that is what I get for being honest and telling them where I bought them from.

    “Our Fulfillment team rejected this order due to the card origins being from We are unable to accept because of how many times the card may have exchanged hands and is against our protocols for accepting sales.”

  37. George Smiley says:

    I think I’ve been banned from, as has my wife. Any luck reversing that? Seems like it may have bled through to too, though I’m not 100% confident.

    Not a huge loss if so – $300 a month sales, a few VGCs, and an occasionally good gift card purchase deal is not critical to any part of my strategy, but it defies explanation.

  38. NEW says: is a Scam. Bought a card and they ?? use # & pin to use the balance after return policy expired. They will not address the issue. No reply to email & no phone # listed on website.

  39. Stvr says:

    I don’t think GCZhas a $1 minimum anymore.

  40. Dan says:

    I know that the online options you list are probably the most profitable way to cash in gift cards but can you tell me whether bricks & mortar versions exists e.g. are there check cashing chains that also pay a % for gift cards, or foreign currency booths?

  41. Dan says:

    Great article btw

  42. russell says:

    How long does it take to get payment using direct deposit from most of these sites?

  43. havai says:

    Hi Chuck. Have you updated this post somwhere?

    I ask as I’ve been with for over a month — even got their bulk seller access. But I’ve endured multiple problems up front, and I’ve been rather unimpressed by how sloooow their systems seems to be. Takes seemingly forever to get your cards listed — very often over over 24 hours. Once you get it “listed,” then it’s quick to change prices…. but that initial wait is a real pain. (Trying to call a rep. at raise is another adventure…. nothing like calling a general customer service # and hearing that your #123 in the cue or worse. I was given a # to use for bulk-sellers – but tah dah, it goes to a bizarre voice mail too.)

    The other serious concern I have with raise is how long the ach payouts take (once you get it working — they don’t let you confirm your #’s on line — argggghhh) Yes, great they offer that ach option (and I hate paypal), but why 3 days — when competitors apparently are doing ach transfers in one to two days?

    Speaking of competitors, I’ve been looking down your list…. and then checking details with their current policies. re. Saveya, I’m not seeing anything suggesting a limit on sales to $300 a month? To the contrary, they even appear to have a bulk seller program….? (for just $1k per month — a third that of raise)

    What I want is a gift card seller that is QUICK and efficient, both with selling and getting paid (ach) — with minimal effort needed. (raise has been a super pain — everyone there is friendly and well trained, when I can get through — I just suspect they are severely under-staffed right now)

    Thoughts? Is this a case of grass being greener?

    • Chuck says:

      Yea, it takes up to 24-hours with Raise, occasionally more. Also takes a few days to get paid.

      Why did you call in the regular number and not speak to your dedicated account manager?

      Saveya is a good option and doesn’t need a huge volume to be bulk with them.

  44. Nancy D says:

    I would try Cardpool. Cardpool has been super easy for me.

    • havai says:

      Wait — cardpool? Nancy, thanks for the sentiment, but I just went to the cardpool web site — and it appears the only way they handle the selling of gift cards is to mail them in…… and then wait for them to be processed? Ok, I see from Chuck’s original post that they apparently do have a way to send some cards in via electronic means, but then they dock you 5% of the payment they might otherwise offer. (that’s so non-starter)

      Even worse, when you want to get paid, you have to wait for a check to be processed and sent to you via snail mail…. You gotta be kidding. Ah, but chuck again says you can get paid via amazon gift card (w/ a bonus)…. Tried that with topcashback — and found myself wondering what to do with the amazon points…. I want the cash direct.

      Cardpool in short seems the antithesis of my conditions above.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        If you want to sell gift cards, Cardpool is easily in the top 3 for anyone, bulk seller or newbie. Here’s a golden nugget for you: stick with reputable sites who have a good history of not goofing up orders and/or losing them. The less involved you are with selling the harder it is to do. I’m a bulk seller and have direct deposit options where as you will not.

        If you don’t like it, don’t get involved. The choice is of course yours. Complaining that an exchange site doesn’t want to pay additional processing fees for dinky small orders you submit to them (if you’re not sending small orders you should apply to become bulk) is silly. You do realize they’re operating on thin margins just as we do? The entitlement and one-sided view of the overall gift card exchange landscape sometimes just makes me shake my head.

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  46. Amol says:

    Cardpool does ACH payments if you join the bulk sales program.

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks Amol, we mentioned that point later in the post. I should become bulk with them already – never got around to it 🙂

      • Amol says:

        Lol, should probably read through to the end next time! I like their bulk sales program, easy to join and they are quick about responding to any inquiries. Only downside is sending physical cards, they ask to send with tracking confirmation and not via the free shipping label. $4 per order doesn’t mess up my margins but still a slight annoyance.

  47. George says:

    Has anyone else started having issues getting cashback from TopCashBack when selling on Raise? I’ve been doing the “incognito window and 1 card at a time” trick (I’m well over the $1000 limit) and it worked fine for several months, but none of the cards I’ve listed since Dec 21st have tracked, so I’m wondering if they’ve finally started enforcing that $1000 limit.

    • Chuck says:

      My last success was the 22nd. I’m also waiting for some emails; it’s happened before that there was a backlog. I guess that it will come through tomorrow or the next day.

  48. Rob W says:

    It seems that TopCashBack is offering 2% for SELLING gift cards through Saveya. I noticed that a week or so ago and I’ve clicked through the TCB portal for my Saveya sales since then. The 2% cashback tracks very quickly on the TCB site, with an estimated payable time of 14 weeks. I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned on here before.

  49. Eric says:

    This is a really good article. One correction is that SaveYa now lets you sell $300 per 7 days instead of per 30 days.

  50. Gerald says:

    It’s not true that eBay will let you sell any physical gift cards — they only let you sell merchant gift cards, not Visa, MC, or Amex GCs.

  51. JamesIV says:

    Check out giftcardmart I’ve been using them for a few months now. Very dependable and trustworthy. You get a dedicated account manager and they consistently have the best rates. Best of all they take egift cards.

    • Chuck says:

      I’ve heard of them, but I don’t want to put small exchanges for now due to the added risk in dealing with them.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        I respect that reasoning.

        I’ll just throw my hat in here though to add to James data point. I’ve worked with GCM for a few months now and have had nothing but positive experiences. I’ve shifted at least 90% of my sales to them (at least $3,000/month on average since starting).

        It’s true they’re a small exchange, but in this sense that’s a great thing. It’s pretty annoying when someone other than your account rep has to send you a shipping label, then gets it wrong, and you have to go back to your account rep to relay the message that you were supposed to receive a FedEX label and not UPS which cost you an extra day of floating cards. Yep, SaveYa, I’m looking at you here!

        You do in fact have a dedicated account rep who actually understands gift card arbitrage and as such has an ear to the ground at all times. They respond quickly and have great rates. Nothing but good things to say.

        For what it’s worth, I’m a bulk seller with Cardpool, Cardcash/ABC and SaveYa and GCM.

    • savemesf says:

      I was interested in trying out GiftCardMart, but they are no longer accepting cards from non-bulk sellers 🙁

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  53. Gerald says:

    Anybody have experience with Card Kangaroo?

  54. Ken says:

    I have a stack of Kmart GCs here. Can I sell them as Sears cards since some sellers don’t list Kmart?

  55. Audrey says:

    Just a data point, I sent 20 cards to cardpool, payout just under $2k. I was a bulk seller but never sold much, however the sales I did have always went smoothly. After more than a week I received an email advising me that the transaction had been cancelled and the cards were being returned to me free of charge (yay!). Seemed to be a stock email but first possible reason was “unable to verify value” which worried me. I had checked most but not all balances prior to sending. Cards were new via ebay. The email also stated I was invited to send them back in after I resolved the (unspecified) issues. As mentioned above, communication appears purposely nonexistent. No response to emails/voice messages. Finally I emailed my “dedicated account representative” and was a little grumpy about the situation. I immediately got a response telling me I was banned. Very perplexing.
    I’m hoping the transaction was just too large for them (what does bulk mean??) as I don’t usually sell that much at once. Probably if I did smaller transactions it would have been fine, or so I speculate. Just praying I receive the cards intact.
    Anyway, though short on hard facts just wanted to suggest proceeding with cardpool with caution.

  56. Eric Levin says:

    This is a terrific article. I think you are spot on with almost everything!

    We recently launched another gift card exchange called CardBucks. We do things a little differently in that we only deal with eGift Cards, though – like GCZ, we are happy to turn your physical cards into eGift Cards so you don’t have to mail them in. We also automatically check the balance on your card and keep the balance up to date in your digital wallet. We offer the best rates around to buy your card and, if you don’t like our offer, list it on our Exchange at your price. Our commission is only 12.5%.

    Would love for you to check out our exchange and include us in your future updates.

  57. Paul says:

    Chuck –

    Nicely done.

    I’ve sold over 100K in the last year and it has been a fun tool for earning points.

    Two questions:

    1. Other than the one we all know, are there any other resellers that are 5X with Ink?

    2. Do you know which resellers accept paper (printable) gift cards for physical submission? I know that Cardpool does not, but curious if you had insights on ABC. I’ve asked them and received conflicting accounts. Don’t want to jump on an opportunity without a place to arbitrage.

    Appreciate any insight.

  58. Paul says:

    Can you give me some insight into and portal payouts for purchases? Specifically, the $1000 transaction limit that most portals mention (Splender, Top Cashback, Simply Best etc). Does that mean $1000 total in lifetime purchases at Raise or $1000 total in portal payouts?

    If the former, are there any portals that are essentially uncapped in payout? Cartera? I’m scaling up and this would be incredibly helpful info.

  59. stephen says:

    Are any of these places sending out 1099’s? If so, it sounds like it could be a lot of work come tax time keeping track of hundreds of transactions, with little to no profit ie (buy off ebay for 85 and sell for 82). Also, with giftcardzen, how long as a seller are you responsible for the cards to sell? I have tried calling and emailing them, but nobody ever picks up the phone

  60. jcb says:

    FYI non bulk sellers on SaveYa are limited to $500/week per my chat with them today

  61. Mike says:

    Thanks for all your posts on this site. I have been learning a lot from them and appreciate the tips.

    If I believe a mailing of six gas gift cards has been lost based on a lack of tracking and arrival at the destination reseller, how should I go about getting replacements. Would you suggest I go directly to the gas company or if I purchased them off Ebay deals, should I contact the vendor on Ebay?

    Thanks in advance

    • Nancy D says:

      If you have a photocopy of the gift cards (front & back), you can contact They will send you replacement cards but you may have to pay a small shipping fee. Goodluck.

  62. Don says:

    Trying to sell just one gift card – an airline gift card bought to get the (Wells Fargo Propel)

    Already denied by ABC Gift Cards, now trying

    Any tips for trying to sell first card? Seems like a very challenging process to get anything listed.

  63. Raj says:

    Any one have experience selling on Gift card spread? I got an offer better than the rate best available sell rates in market.

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  65. Elly says:

    Has anyone had issues with Monster Gift Card ( I sent them 2 cards almost 3 weeks ago, but the online status still says “shipping to MGC”). Calling and emailing got me no response at all. I have complained to BBB and still waiting to be contacted… 🙁 I know they are a smaller company but decided to give it a shot because of the excellent buying value. I didn’t have tracking so I guess they could say they never received the cards? Am I screwed?

  66. Johnny says:

    Anyone know or have an ideas as to where these GC resellers source their card sellers from? I would be interested in knowing how they get so many cards!

    • Chuck says:

      Some of their sellers are people like me who buy gift cards at a discount from various places and resell them for a profit. Other sources are from the standard consumer who gets a gift card they don’t need.

  67. Taro says:

    ABCgiftcard had not been sending me payments for the cards I sold to them. I contacted them several times, and the first time the agent even said they forgot to send the check (3 weeks after the sales date). Any suggestions on what to I can do to reclaim my money?

    • Audrey says:

      I had excellent luck in the past with a dedicated email for Dansdeals readers: [email protected]. I mentioned he referred me to the site, etc, and the rep instantly resolved not only my original issue but a couple of other ones while I was at it.

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  69. Mike says:

    Paypal is quoting me $2.45 to ship 3oz first class from 55105 to 08701. Did rates change since this was last updated?

    • Chuck says:

      I think they did change, let me update the post. Thanks

    • CJ says:

      for some reason, i thing going to and printing a first class is cheaper than paypal now, I tried it the other day and paypal cost more… but i dont use paypal so maybe i did it wrong?

      • Chuck says:

        It could be true for certain shipping types. Paypal used to get a discounted rate and they lost it some months ago.

        However, AFAIK, USPS still does not allow First Class Package labels purchased online, Paypal does. For small, light packages, First Class is cheapest.

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  72. Pat says:

    Hey a quick update for They put a 45 day hold on any travel gift card listings. Happened to my Southwest gift card listing. Their terms state: “Held by Raise for 45 day(s), All travel related cards will be held a minimum of 45 days from the activations date”.

  73. Pat says:

    Anyone have any recommendations for selling a Southwest digital gift card? The only ones that I found accept it online are ABC Cards and Raise. Raise needs 45-days. ABC Cards flagged it as high-risk and won’t reconsider. Thoughts?

  74. tzvi s says:

    hey does anybody body know what is with dunkin donuts Gift cards and abc, 1st I tried to sell a 100 Gift card online and got an email from them about high risk and then I tried a 15 Gift card and got the same email?

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  76. Evan says:

    Hey Chuck. I printed a USPS label with PP to send a couple of giftcards to ABC. I paid $2.60 for 3 oz (first class package), which supposedly includes tracking, but it’s been 4 days now and tracking shows me nothing. What gives?

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  78. Nick says:

    Gift Card Zen is now paying out through PayPal (even for electronic sales!). Pretty cool.

  79. chinagel says:

    does cardpool offer instant payout to bulk sellers or they only pay after the GC are sold?

  80. Harv says:

    ABC Gift cards required a credit card to cover my sale of egiftcards to them.

  81. Pingback: Raise No Longer Offers Portal Cash Back for Gift Card *Sales* - Tur-Prestige

  82. Justin says:

    Any input on Gift Card Spread? They are selling Hyatt at 17.8% off which mixes well with a points+cash

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